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More learning! December 29, 2011

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I’d like to up-rate this decidedly amateur looking blog to more closely resemble those written by others.
I’d like to write about some of the experiments, recipes and kit alternatives that I am trialling, or intend to try out.

I’ll try to make things easy to read and follow and be of interest to a number of readers.

Any tips on how to proceed or what content is required or even what kit to make an alternative for would be welcome!

Cheers all



Someone after my own heart! October 25, 2011

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Phew! September 7, 2011

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My laptop is having a minor tantrum with Windows OS – it crashes within a few minutes of booting up. And so I’m making a concerted effort to transpose everything onto Linux.

Which leads to my sigh of relief as I have managed to crawl my way through many layers of electronic stuff to find my way back to here.

Apologies for being away for so long – now to recover some of the other gubbins

Cheers all



Catching up June 9, 2011

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I’ve had a few busy days lately, so a little on how things have been progressing.
Three private clients for a day of fire and shelter – a good day under a parachute for the most part, though we resprted to covered woodland for our shelter session – I reconned that playing with tarps in an exposed field would have reduced the number of tarps I own and only frustrated those trying to learn. All in all a good day with happy clients wanting to do more in the future.
Shortly after came two birthday parties – one for a group of seven year olds who were fantastic and a smaller celebration for a friends 30th – equally as exciting and some new skills transfered.

Coming up will be a 24 hour workshop at a nearby farm, though I fear the weather will do much to predict the pace of the day. Irrespective of any rain, we’ll have a great time and share the tranquility of the camp-fire.




And now for something…. May 29, 2011

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… completely different.
Tonight we have 17 Bronze D of E expeditioners camping in the field. The forecast is for rain increasing untill midday tomorrow – so they have a hard lesson in staying dry and warm and riding out the discomfort until teh end of their walk out tomorrow!

Good luck to them all!


A Small Sigh of Relief. May 9, 2011

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At last we’re had a little rain!
After the dryest start to the spring/summer that I can remember, our well was getting very low. It is our only source of water for the house, although we do have some large capacity water butts for use in the garden and for watering our animals. Storage for rain water is around five tonnes – sounds like a lot, but it is only a stop-gap measure in reality.
We are not out of danger just yet, though. We do need several weeks of drizzle and it will certainly take a few weeks to soak through the soil and get into the well chamber.
Movign to this property with its own water supply was a conscious decission – we wanted to learn about how to live in tune with our natural resources and lessons in dwindling water supply was all part of that – maybe readers who rely on town /mains water could consider ways of saving this most precious gift from Mother Nature.

Take care all – and forgive my prayers for more rain.


D of E April 24, 2011

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I’ll be out and about with a SIlver D of E group over the next few days – hoping for reasonable weather for them, but personnally I need some rain to replenish the well! Which do I opt for?


New Ideas April 14, 2011

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Looking forward to the Easter break to trial a few ideas that have been rattling around of late. Maybe some new ways of working, maybe some new people to work with and possibly just different approaches to old problems.

Lets see what the future will bring!


Back to an even keel. April 5, 2011

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At least I hope so!

Things have been somewhat hectic here for the past two weeks, however, I seriously hope that following some long drives, late at night – I can now settle down to a normal run into summer. There are many new opportunities and even more things to learn, its going to be an exciting year.


Long night ahead March 25, 2011

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I have a long trip to drive tonight – and not at the most convenient time either. But on the plus side I get to see a different part of the countryside and I’m also looking forward to bidding goodbye to a few star constellations that I’m unlikely to see till after the summer. I might also catch a glimpse of a few ealry morning animals as I make my return trip.