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Moving On July 20, 2014

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A good portion of luck has been placed before me recently. A good friend, who himself has moved on from when I last knew – recommended me to his place of work. Interviews ensued and visits back & forth – with the upshot being that I have a new job. It means that we now have some financial security for working shifts away from home.
It is a double edged sword, as I have to stay away from home and family for a number of days each week, but there seems to be a reasonable break between shifts, the wage is good and the distance is acceptable – especially as I have now traded the trusty old Land Rover for a camper van. This in itself allows me to keep my outgoings to a minimum and retain some flexibility and independence.
So, what does this mean for Red Dragon Bushcraft – while I fully intend to keep the business going, there will be an obvious impact on the times that I will be able to concentrate on Bushcraft matters. I will continue to work regularly with Aberystwyth University for their Freshers event and a number of private clients and with BushcraftUK. If you would like me to set up a Bushcraft course, workshop or demonstration for you, please get in touch early to allow me to make the necessary arrangements (and please don’t be disheartened if I can’t change things) to free myself up for your event.

My continued thanks for your time in reading this.

Pete Williams


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