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What to do next? December 22, 2013

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I mentioned a few posts ago that I was in the process of formalising my Bushcraft knowledge – well, it has now passed the 500 page mark and is becoming a little unwieldy as you might imagine. I am also becoming aware that, as it is written in my words, it will only make sense to someone who speaks and reads in the same manner as me!
I have thought about some restructuring – creating a “Pick-&-mix” of bushcraft – so that once the core basics are covered, a reader might select a topic which interests them and reads up on the subject as an individual project.
I have also created “Spiral Survival” a method of approaching a stepped survival outlook, comprising a variety of skills and equipment that would be required for different length survival scenarios.
Both documents are close to being complete, though I need to add some artwork to them to finish them off.

Before I publish them, I would like to have them proof read by a few people who might offer some pointers to improve them.