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Busy, busy. October 26, 2012

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It has been a frantic few weekends lately – Duke of Edinburgh expeditions with Air Cadets and Youth Club, a winter nature walk which didn’t make it, and a Freshers weekend with Aberystwyth University.
All have been great experiences for me and I hope for those involved – the culmination was the Freshers weekend which I look forward to every year. It is partly the meeting of friends with catching up on news and stories – it is partly the chance to work with groups that would rarely venture into our world of Backwoods living and also the opportunity to work in the grounds and halls of such a fine building as Gregynog Hall. I would like to thank everyone that was involved, the students and lecturers, the organisers and the Hall staff – you make it a very pleasant place to be.
This weekend sees another two Duke of Edinburgh expeditions on the last weekend of their season before closing for the winter – though from the forecast, the weather will beat us to the deadline – it should not have too much of an ill-effect on those going as their preparation has been very good and all are keen to complete the challenge.
Things will calm down throughout the winter period, but I hope to be able to build on a few recent queries, maybe run a course or two before the next turn of the seasons draws folk back out-of-doors again.
For those that might not know, a few years ago I began writing some notes on the way I approach Bushcraft, I separated it into a few chapters and have been adding information and clearing up things with better explanations as I go – well it has now passed over 400 pages and more than 150,000 words – who knows what it might become next year.

Cheers all, see you in the woods.



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