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A Small Sigh of Relief. May 9, 2011

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At last we’re had a little rain!
After the dryest start to the spring/summer that I can remember, our well was getting very low. It is our only source of water for the house, although we do have some large capacity water butts for use in the garden and for watering our animals. Storage for rain water is around five tonnes – sounds like a lot, but it is only a stop-gap measure in reality.
We are not out of danger just yet, though. We do need several weeks of drizzle and it will certainly take a few weeks to soak through the soil and get into the well chamber.
Movign to this property with its own water supply was a conscious decission – we wanted to learn about how to live in tune with our natural resources and lessons in dwindling water supply was all part of that – maybe readers who rely on town /mains water could consider ways of saving this most precious gift from Mother Nature.

Take care all – and forgive my prayers for more rain.


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